Naked Drums

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  • Drum Set Virtual Instrument
  • Requires Kontakt 4 (fully updated)/5
  • Unprocessed high quality drum samples
  • Each microphone individually routable to DAW tracks


  • Yamaha Recording Custom - Cherry
  • Remo Heads
  • 22" Kick Drum
  • 10", 12", 13",  14", 16" Toms
  • Ayotte 14" x 5" silver sparkle snare
  • Pearl 13" x 6.5" Joey Jordison Signature Snare


  • Mixture of Sabian HH/AA/AAX and some Zildjian A Series
  • 2 Splashes
  • 2 Crashes (bow and bell)
  • 2 Chinas
  • Ride (bow and bell)
  • Hi-Hats


  • Vintage Neve 1073
  • Vintage Neve 1081
  • BAE 1073
  • API 512


  • Apogee Symphony IO
  • Apogee Rosetta 800


Naked Drums works with Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5. You can either load up a quick stereo .nki's to get ideas out quickly or load the fully routed .nki's and route each mic to a different track in your DAW. We will be providing you with routing templates for multiple DAW's. So far we have included Reaper and Pro Tools. Naked Drums requires two instances of Kontakt. One .nki for the Shells and another for the Cymbals as there is a limit to the number of instruments you can load into Kontakt.

Some very cool people converted it to sfz format and it is over at github at if you don't use Kontakt. We don't provide support on the free software nor on the sfz format.

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