Shipping Tracking and Delivery Time

Tracking Information

I am wondering where my tracking information is?

Many people contact us for tracking numbers after they have received a link indicating that the package has been mailed. Please note if you choose the lower cost shipping option which is the International Air Option, the package is not tracked so no tracking number will be available for it. 

What are typical delivery times for packages in business days?

In the US in the untracked shipping option typical delivery times are 8-10 business days from the date of shipping.  You choose the level of shipping you require and if you need to know where the package is you need to choose one of the tracked options. If you choose the untracked option we have no way of knowing where it is. 

Most other countries are 14-17 business days from the dates of shipping. Please remember in some countries customs will delay the packages as well. 

The email that was sent to me showing the package was sent when I click on the link indicates that the package is still be processed, what gives?

We have discovered a problem in this web site when dealing with the untracked shipping option. Due to the fact that there is no tracking information coming back to the system the system never knows when the package has been shipped. This has been identified back to the Web site provider but has not been resolved.