Shipping, Tracking, Delivery Time and Returns

Tracking Information

How is Covid 19 effecting you? 

There are significant delays in deliveries right now. Typically it is adding 1 to 2 weeks to all deliveries in the US. Detail country by country is at the link below. We are seeing deliveries times up to 1 month even in the US now.

One change that has occurred is that Canada Post will no longer be honouring the guaranteed delivery times that some of the premium rates have. The rate that most people use do not have a guaranteed delivery time so for most people it will not directly effect them. 

As far as product we are in good shape for now. We do all our own manufacture and have a good stock on all products right now and are continuing to produce for stock purposes. 

I am wondering where my tracking information is?

Many people contact us for tracking numbers after they have received a link indicating that the package has been mailed. Please note if you choose the lower cost shipping option which is the International Air Option or International US Air Option, the package is not tracked so no tracking number will be available for it. As well the package will say it is not shipped yet because the system can't verify where it is because there is no tracking. There is an email sent out when the package is put together, this is accurate but often ends up in your junk mail. This email indicating the items shipping date is accurate. 

Do you ship overseas? 

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world with some exceptions based on our experience.

The shipping price is calculated at checkout based on quantity and weight of the items. The additional shipping charge for additional clips is very small compared to the base cost of shipping.  The non-tracked option is the one that most people choose and works well although shipping to Europe can take a month to get through customs sometimes.  Please note that if you choose the untracked option we cannot tell you where it is, we just have to wait for it to get there. The tracked option may still get delayed in customs, it just means you will know where it is. Also in the untracked option if you get a note indicating it has been shipped it is shipped. It will still say in the online order that it is processing but that is a fault in the system that does not update that link for untracked items. If asked we will send you a copy of the actually shipping label. The tracked items are updated properly. 

We are not taking orders any longer from Malaysia, none of the packages ever seem to get delivered and then don't get returned to us. It is just costing us to much money so will be refunding any orders from here in the future. 

We no longer ship to Indonesia, almost ever order we have had from there the person had gone to their bank after we have shipped and claimed the order was not theirs. This has happened on ever order from that country so we no longer will accept orders from Indonesia. We will be cancelling them before shipment. Enough is enough. 

We are starting November 25th, 2021, going to be refunding orders to Mexico for items that need to use the mail. We have no idea why but almost every order that is shipped to Mexico by air mail is never to be seen again. Digital orders for software will be fine and tracked packages but the tracking cost for packages to Mexico are very expensive indeed. 

We also seem to have too much trouble getting them delivered to China so will be refunding orders from there as of August 2022.


What are typical delivery times for packages in business days?

In the US in the untracked shipping option typical delivery times are 12-14 business days from the date of shipping.  You choose the level of shipping you require and if you need to know where the package is you need to choose one of the tracked options. If you choose the untracked option we have no way of knowing where it is. 

Most other countries are 20-23 business days from the dates of shipping. Please remember in some countries customs will delay the packages as well. 

The email that was sent to me showing the package was sent when I click on the link indicates that the package is still be processed, what gives?

We have discovered a problem in this web site when dealing with the untracked shipping option. Due to the fact that there is no tracking information coming back to the system the system never knows when the package has been shipped. This has been identified back to the Web site provider but has not been resolved.

How quick are items shipped? See Note at top for chance to this

We try to ship items out within 3 business days. During the holiday seasons this can stretch out especially if you are ordering large quantities of the clips (ie more then 6 of 1 item) if the items are mission critical please contact email to confirm expectations before ordering. We do not find with COVID that expediting the packages is worth the money and it will get held at customs anyway so do not recommend it. 


All returns are at the cost of the customer unless we have shipped the incorrect product. Due to the world wide distribution of this product we have no way to create foreign Postal tickets.  


We will replace any of the microphone products if they break for a period of three years. After three years and up to 6 years we will replace the product but the customer will be required to pay the shipping charges.