Free software Plugins Kontakt Problems

I downloaded the free Plugin Software that you offered and it comes up and says it is demo version and to put in the license codes?

The problem is Kontak, unless you are using the full version of Kontakt it will show as demo.

The message is not coming from our software it is coming from Kontakt.

Kontakt does make it so a developer can make there version work without doing this some special licensing thing but it costs the developers 1000's of dollars per plugin for the licensing. So unless you have the full version (which is expensive) this is what happens. We only have one version and they are the full versions and are not demo versions.

Often people get a package of plugins and Kontakt and think they are getting the full version on Kontakt but they are getting the demo with some plugins that have this special licensing. They also don't realize this is not the full version of Kontakt.

Also the only version we are sure about is version 4.0. We do not have later versions of Kontact and don't know how well it works with other versions. 

 How do I get the license codes?

There are no license codes, all of our software are the full versions there are no demo versions at all.  


Version 5 

A customer did report this. He was using version 5 AAX. 

I was able to get this to work. I read a forum where someone posted that changing their output routing helped with other instruments. So all I had to do was select this:

Resetting the outputs section to target default worked. 

Feel free to forward this info along, or post it on website FAQs.