DeBleeder Terminal Commands Components

The following instructions are using the terminal in OSX for dealing with the security issues introduced in Mojave and Catalina. To run them goto your application folder and than into the utilities folder, in there you will see the program called terminal, launch that. These instructions assume you have already placed the file in the appropriate directory using the finder. This FAQ describes at the bottom how in the finders do you make it so it reveals hidden folders. Once the component file is moved to  the 

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components  folder these commands can than be used.  Note Catalina must use only the 64 bit version so don't put the 32 bit version in as well. 

Copy and paste each line one at time into the terminal and hit return after pasting it in

cd /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components 

ls -l@

You should see DeBleeder_64.component displayed as an output. If it not there you have placed it in the wrong place. Remember there are actually 2 libraries one under the username and one under the main hard drive name, you want to have it under the main hard drive name. Probably the DeBleeder_64.component file will have an attribute called showing on it. This attribute needs to be removed. The following command does that. 

xattr -d DeBleeder_64.component

 ls -l@

You should see DeBleeder_64.component in still there but it should no longer have the flag on it.

Reboot your mac.

Run Logic it should be there will be under Wilkinson Audio DeBleeder