Debleeder From Customers on their successful installs

First one a Protools 2020 OSX thanks to Greg

I deleted the plugs from the plugin folder, although I don't know if
that was necessary in hindsight. I'm on PT 2020. Restarted the computer
and then dropped the plugs from the folder I downloaded from you, into
the PT plugins folder. This time it asked for admin permission to drop
them in the folder, which it hadn't done before.

I opened the Security & Privacy section of System Preferences. At the
bottom of the General tab page, underneath the Allow apps downloaded
from section it had Wilkinson Audio as an unidentified developer (or
something like that. Now it's fixed I don't have the message to report
:) ). I clicked the unlock padlock symbol, typed in my password and
clicked the button to trust DeBleeder from Wilkinson Audio.

I then opened PT, while keeping the Security page open. What I
discovered, was that I needed to click on the permission button as each
version loaded! [The first time I tried, only the stereo version loaded,
as I'd clicked permission once then closed Preferences.] The give
permission button disappears when you click and then reappears for the
three versions of the plug, as you open PT.

So I clicked the permission button and then the cancel dialogue as PT
opened, for each one. At some point a box came up asking if I wanted to
trust DeBleeder by Wilkinson Audio, which I clicked. PT finished loading
and everything works as it should.

Hopefully this info is useful for you and can be added to your page or
used to save going through this in the future.

Thanks for all your help. Love DeBleeder!!