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FROM Travis Alternate Solution for ORTF Mount


One of the clips I had but was at first not really excited about was the ORTF clip. 
Probably because I did not have a good solid mic clip for my microphones.  
I have the Art M6 matched pair condenser microphones. They are 22mm microphones like the KM184 size.  They fit okay into the ORTF clip.  But these microphones from Art only came with a mount that is one of those mesh of rubber bands shock mount . 
Kind of like this thing
I was able to get them to fit in a desk mic where I could prop it up. But I found the way the weight of the microphones tended to turn on me when I put it on a mic stand sometimes. 
So then tonight I had this idea, where I was playing around with some hardware. And I noticed that this hardware turnbull thing has the same threads as a tripod camera mount kind of screw.  
I had one of these microphone stands to camera tripod adapter things. 
So I set out to attach this to the ORTF clip.   I just drilled a hole through that kind of diagonal axis. And then attached the turnbull thing through the hole using some washers as a bushing.
The other end of the turnbull goes to the adapter, which goes into the mic arm.
See : 
So now I have a way to attach the ORTF clip to the mic stand, without needing to use a microphone clip that came with my mic, because the clip that came with my mic was not very supportive.
I guess i don't really need anything here. Or have any problems.. I am very happy with the durability and hackability of these microphone clips you make.   And this ORTF clip is pretty neat, because the design makes it so if you put the capsules on the edge of the clip they are the correct distance apart. No messing around or measuring needed here.
I was so excited, I just felt like sharing. 
Thank you for your time, and keep on making awesome stuff!
Travis sent me the links to the stuff below.
I guess the 3/8 turnbuckle would work with a 3.8 mic stand adapter too. 
Also: be careful when drilling the clip. the geometry, i found my drill would catch and it would spin in my hands. So go slow.
Dan had this solution for Rhode NT5 when using with the ORTF clip
Awesome! No problem at all. The specific clip in question is made for the Oktava mk012, and wasn't too hard to source once I knew what to look for.